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pure BLENDS featured in Estetica Magazine!
pure BLENDS featured in Estetica Magazine!

Check out this amazing Rose Ombre and easy to achieve steps!

Step one: Using an ombre backcomb technique, pre-lighten hair with pure color ammonia free lightener (30 volume) and lift out to a yellow stage (approximately level 8).

Step two: Rinse and cleanse hair, do not condition it. Towel blot hair very well.

Step three: Using pure BLENDS color depositing shampoo, apply equal parts of Sun and Red with a bowl and brush to ombre area. Stain for 10 minutes.

Step four: Apply water to lather your shampoo application and rinse out. Mix a custom blended color depositing shampoo with Sun and Red for your client to use every other shampoo at home, to maintain their beautiful rose tone.

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