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pure NV BKT products are anti-aging and infused with our NV Complex of botanicals, vegetables and argan oil. With just a little styling know-how, you can achieve celebrity style!

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Did you know that American Culture Brand has its own salon? Along with making the best shampoos and products for silky smooth frizz-free hair, our stylists work with everyday clientele!

pure NV BKT contains our exclusive NV Complex, a unique, powerful formulation of nutrients from the purest fruits, vegetables and plants infused with argan oil, pomegranate, eggplant and the purest high quality keratin and collagen to address specific hair needs. Results? Smooth, nourished strands!

Doreen Guarneri shares how the right cut can do more than beautifully frame your face -- it can complement your entire look from head to toe!

Doreen Guarneri shares with Long Island's KJY Radio morning show with Steve & Leeana, texture management and the many myths on keratin.

pure NV BKT creator, Doreen Guarneri, was chosen to do the hair at the JSONG Spring Summer 2014 Collection in New York. Using pure NV BKT backstage, Doreen created a romantic, side low pony or bungee braid to complement the airy wardrobe.

Here's what one very happy consumer had to say about pure NV BKT!


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