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pure NV BKT Intensifier

BKT Intensifier is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused, weightless intense volumizer formulated to thicken hair, create tremendous volume and shine without firmness. A brisk, aromatic fresh air scent will leave your senses refreshed and revitalized. BKT Intensifier is safe on all hair types and is beneficial whether or not a pure NV BKT service has been applied. When used after a pure NV BKT service, it will help prolong its duration. BKT Intensifier is a great foundation for all styling effects and is especially beneficial for finer hair textures as it will not weigh the hair down  BKT Intensifier adds incredible dimension and speaks volumes to finehair types, leaving hair healthy, shiny and light as air.  Use heat for optimumr results.


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$7.00 - $24.90

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