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pure NV BKT Versatility

pure NV BKT Versatility is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused, weightless, non-flaking, smoothing or curling potion that can be used as a remarkable one day frizz free treatment. Unique ingredients such as jojoba seed oil helps hair retain moisture and promote growth. pure NV BKT Versatility is developed to enhance curls without stiffness, control texture, smooth, add shine, protect from thermal abuse, accelerate blow dry time and prevent fly-away hair with a light aromatic scent of apricot raspberry.  BKT Versatility is safe on all hair types and is beneficial whether or not a pure NV BKT service has been applied.  When used after a pure NV BKT service, BKT Versatility will prolong and maintain its duration.  

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$7.00 - $29.90

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