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pure NV BKT Cleanse Seal & Repair Duo

pure NV BKT Color Seal Cleanser is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused cleanser developed to seal in hair color, enhance vibrancy and luster and tame fly-aways. Contains mild surfactants derived from coconut which gently breakdown unwanted residue on the hair while imparting body and shine.  pure NV BKT 1 for All is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused, weightless leave-in conditioner and styling lotion enriched with vitamins and minerals from ingredients such as collagen, rosemary, sage and nettle which contribute to strengthening hair and preventing hair loss. BKT 1 for All instantly restores moisture, detangles, adds thermal protection, preserves hair color, minimizes frizz, repairs elasticity, adds brilliant luster and seals split ends while leaving hair with a luxurious satin finish. A stimulating aroma of cucumber sage will leave your senses feeling rejuvenated.



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