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Simply Smooth xtend keratin thickening volumizer

Simply Smooth xtend keratin thickening volumizer also restores depleted keratin into hair fibers, repairing damage, enhancing strength and increasing elasticity. This plumper can be sprayed at the roots to create intense volume or spread throughout the hair to create maximum volume with the ultimate body and fullness. Simply Smooth xtend keratin thickening volumizer will benefit hair whether or not a Simply Smooth treatment has been applied. When used after a Simply Smooth treatment, it will prolong its duration. This color safe formula, with its alluring raspberry lime fragrance, is sodium chloride free, safe on all hair types, and is a great foundation for all styling effects.

Weightless formula creates volume without firmness.

Thickens and plumps each individual hair strand.

Light, flexible memory hold.

Repels humidity/humidity resistant.

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$6.95 - $24.90

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