pure NV BKT Harmonizing Shampoo


pure NV BKT Harmonizing Shampoo is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused gentle cleanser with an elegant citrus aroma that attracts and retains moisture and builds smooth body in the hair.

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pure NV BKT Harmonizing Shampoo is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and leaves it hydrated. Wheat protein attracts and retains moisture, builds body, improves luster and restores depleted keratin while producing a satin smooth finish. The intoxicating lemongrass verbena aroma is an elegant sweet variation of a traditional citrus scent. Harmonizing Shampoo is safe on all hair types and is beneficial whether or not a pure NV BKT service has been applied. When used after apure NV BKT service, Harmonizing Shampoo will prolong is duration.

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1000ml/33.8oz, 250ml/8.5oz, 60ml/2oz


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