pure NV BKT Ker-Argan Curl Gel


pure NV Ker-Argan Curl Gel s an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused, weightless, non-flaking, curl defining gel with a sandalwood fragrance, formulated to provide medium support for curly hair, holding spiral curls in place.

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pure NV BKT Ker-Argan Curl Gel is an NV Complex enriched, keratin infused, curl defining gel. Ker-Argan Curl Gel is a weightless, non-flaking gel formulated to create shape, provide support and enhance definition for curly hair, holding spiral curls in place when used on wet hair that is air dried. When used on straighter hair textures, volume can be created by blow drying the hair. Ker-Argan Curl Gel eliminates frizz, smoothes hair and imparts a radiant shine.  The soft aromatic scent of sandalwood will relax your senses with a calm, meditative feel.  Ker-Argan Curl Gel is safe on all hair types and is beneficial whether or not a pure NV BKT service has been applied.  When used after a pure NV BKT service, Ker-Argan Curl Gel will prolong and maintain its duration in addition to adding incredible defined curls.

The pure NV BKT KerArgan Curl Gel 6 pack is a convenient 6 pack that contains 2oz handy, purse size curl gels.

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250ml/8.5oz, 6 Pack, 60ml/2oz


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