Simply Smooth pre-clean purifying shampoo


Pre-clean purifying shampoo is a sodium chloride free shampoo used to prepare the hair for a Simply Smooth treatment. Pre-clean purifying shampoo may also be used before a color service for better color penetration. Multiple shampoos are necessary to prepare the hair cuticle for a treatment, as it will help remove any buildup from styling products, environmental impurities and mineral deposits as well as other residues without drying or damaging the hair. This product can be used on any hair that needs to be purified.

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High alkaline pH opens cuticle in preparation of Simply Smooth keratin treatments. Helps to remove environmental impurities, medication, mineral deposits and oils. Must be used before a Simply Smooth keratin treatment. Lifts cuticle without drying or damaging hair.

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1000ml/33.8oz, 125ml/4oz, 500ml/16oz


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