Simply Smooth xtend color lock keratin replenshing mask


Simply Smooth xtend color lock keratin replenishing mask is a botanically blended, keratin, argan oil and collagen infused, sodium chloride free, moisturizing and deep conditioning reparative mask that delivers immediate intense nourishment to replenish, restore and rebuild dehydrated, brittle, coarse, damaged, lifeless and stressed hair back to vibrant health while magnifying and locking in hair color.

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Simply Smooth xtend color lock keratin replenishing mask is a rich, velvety mask that dramatically repairs and reconstructs even the most deeply damamged hair fibers by restoring depleted keratin, increasing strength and elasticity while preventing future damage. It will transform hair by infusing a rich blend of essential ingredients into hair to continually nourish, rehydrate, reduce frizz, tame flyaways, impart excellent body and spring. Wet and dry combing, hair structure, and texture will be improved. Created with anti-color fade technology and antioxidants, it prevents oxidation of the hair fibers, magnifies hair color dimension and locks in hair color services to prolong vibrant hair color and leave hair illuminated. Use it once a week to protect and restore your hair from daily stresses and deliver what your hair needs to become strong, healthy and younger looking. Heat may be applied for greater repair to the hair fibers. This mask is safe on all hair types and is formulated to benefit hair whether or not a Simply Smooth treatment has been applied. When used after a Simply Smooth treatment, it will prolong and maintain its duration. Sodium Chloride free. Anti-fade technology. Repairs damage and revives brittle, coarse, lifeless and stressed hair. Seals hair cuticle, adds shine and magnifies hair color dimension. Reduces frizz, tames flyaways. Creates a luxurious satin smooth texture.

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