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Get tempted with Pure blends tempted intense color depositing conditioners. Use Pure Blends Tempted to maintain, refresh and extend the longevity of your intense hair color.

The color team at Adam Broderick Salon relies on pure BLENDS to create great tone and lasting color for their clients!

pure BLENDS is used by the color team and retailed through Visible Changes, the highly successful salons through Austin, Houston, San Antonio & Dallas!

See how you can create fun, on trend colors with pure BLENDS color depositing shampoos on pre-lightened hair!

pure BLENDS Color Depositing Shampoos are perfect for filling, toning and color correction. Send your clients home with pure BLENDS to keep their hair color as fresh as the day it was done!

Did you know that American Culture Brands has its own salon? Along with making the best shampoos and products for silky smooth frizz-free hair, our stylists work with everyday clients!

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. Check out these great runway styles!

pure BLENDS launched at Visible Changes who knows how to do things BIG!!

Doreen Guarneri achieves an outstanding rose ombre with Pure Color and Pure BLENDS. Learn how you can, too!

pure BLENDS, now carried at Julien Farel Resort Salon & Spa, was introduced in an intimate hands-on class with creator Doreen Guarneri and the color team!

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to take your client's hair from light to dark, the pure BLENDS Filling Hair Kit is exactly what you need!

pure BLENDS has an gentle, cost effective system to combat green tone in the hair as a result of chlorine.

If you are looking for a solution to color correct copper orange tone in your client's hair due to excessive minerals in the water, pure BLENDS has just the solution!

If you are looking to create tone, highlights and hair colors without changing the target level or depth, pure BLENDS Toning Highlights Kit is perfect answer for you!

Each time your client shampoos, their beautiful fresh hair color is lost through washing. Cleansing hair with pure BLENDS color depositing shampoo will deposit a small amount of hair color, replenishing color that would otherwise be lost.


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